Rainwater Terrace is shortlisted for RHS Product of the year.

Rainwater Terrace® is short-listed for Product of the Year at RHS CHELSEA 2014.

 Perennial has entered The Rainwater Terrace in the Chelsea Product of the Year competition.

 Named as one of the 12 finalists, The Rainwater Terrace is the first garden water collection system to integrate planters, making the water butt a true garden feature with no need to water.

 There was stiff competition and Rainwater Terrace was awarded 2nd prize along with a spot on the prestigious Product of the Year stand at the RHS Chelsea show.

 The Rainwater Terrace was also a key feature on the Perennial Stand through out the week.

RHS Chelsea product of the year.

Rainwater Terrace water butt launches at GLEE

Rainwater Terrace awarded best in Garden care and Retailers Choice award in the GLEE New Product Showcase.

Eleven, ground-breaking new garden products have been confirmed as the winners of the coveted Glee New Product Awards 2013

Winner: Rainwater Terrace, by Design 4 Plastics Ltd

Judges’ comments: Simon Moore said:  “This is an innovative rainwater collection product that’s both practical and decorative.  The idea combines a two- or three-tier container to collect and re-use rainwater, with a decorative, multi-level planter that can be used for plants or grow-your-own.  Enabling the plants to feed from the water butt is a great feature; the plants made it attractive enough to place outside your house, and it’s at a good price point.”

Water butt wins awards at GLEE Show.





Smart water butt goes into production

Rainwater Terrace is a new multi award winning concept in rainwater collection promoting the reuse of valuable rainwater and “grow your own” sustainability. The unique patented modular design has numerous distinct advantages over other water butts on the market.

 Rainwater Terrace not only saves the householder money by reusing rainwater in the garden, its modular design incorporates an integrated plant growing system enabling plants and herbs etc. to grow alongside the stored rainwater, creating an attractive addition to any home.

 Rainwater Terrace helps to keep your stored rainwater fresh, reducing stagnation as it collects first in the top tier and then trickles down through the tiers as they fill and then back to the drain. With each rainfall water circulates through to replenish the system. Water can be drawn off from any tier using the fast flow drain tubes, filling a watering can Five times quicker than from a tap – no longer do you have to stand and wait! These also show the stored water level in each tier

The new water butt will be exhibited at GLEE for the first time September 2014

Rainwater Terrace water butt with planters.

Kwik Golf game goes into production in the USA

Kwik Golf is revolutionizing the game of golf by putting a new spin on the game. It’s fast, fun and friendly. Kwik Golf can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. It’s simple to play and a great way to get fit.

 Design 4 Plastics helped to design and develop the Kwik Golf kits consisting of easy to assemble rings, flag poles and lightweight golf clubs for children.

Kwik golf childrens fast paced golf game.